ERROR try to including After file .pdf for fax sended by one user

  • Good morning , first of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian and I can't find support or italian dealer for help me after our DAVID 3 installation.

    First of all, I install DAVID 3 on Windows Server 2016 just for sending email and fax from our ERP software, just for sending, without enable receive functions.

    Now I need to attach a .pdf file in all EMAILs and FAXes that one users will send, but there is something wrong in my configuration for the FAX, EMAIL are working well.

    Here my FAX and use configuration:

    - For FAX, I prepare "CONAI.TIF" file (using DAVID3 preview, and Save as .TIF file), and I place it in \\SRVDAVID\DAVID\APPS\Faxware\Resource\Include\

    - In the user setting, I set in INCLUDE AFTER funcion, the configuration file named "", that are here :

    @@;The command USERHOLD causes the job to be set in the job log of David

    @@;Here the message can first of all be checked. Then the user has to

    @@;release it by the press of a key.



    - in the same folder, I create a file named "ALLEGA.FAX" with this string

    @@APPENDIMAGE \\SRVDAVID\DAVID\APPS\Faxware\Resource\Include\Conai.TIF [NODEL]@@

    But doesn't WORK.. THE ERROR when I try to send a fax is "UNKNOWN ERROR AT DISTANT".

    I check the path, and it's correct (is the same that working good for the email).

    Please help me, thanks a lot.

  • Good evening. Did you get any error Messages in your davis\system\events Archive? I think the path in the @@APPENDIMAGE command is wrong. When you look at the Client Help (Press F1 in Client Window) and search for @@app the result will show that the path ist without the servername. Perhaps it helps.

  • Thanks Wizzard for your answer.

    I don't have any Error Events, I try to copy my FILE.TIF in DAVID\APPS\FAXWARE\OUT\IMG default path, and remove the PATH from @@APPENDIMAGE command, but I receive the same error.

    I don't think that the problem is about the PATH, because I receive an error of "file not found", but the error show me a problem in remote receive.

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