Problem trying to send massive email

  • Good morning , first of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian and I can't find support or italian dealer for help me after our DAVID 3 installation.

    First of all, I install DAVID 3 on Windows Server 2016 just for sending email and fax from our ERP software, just for sending, without enable receive functions.

    Now I need to send an email with .pdf attached and standard Object and Message Body to several hundred of emails e/o faxes.

    I prepare a file xxxx.RND with down showed format, anche using David Editor, I prepare a new Email with Object and Body, I attach Email .pdf, and with the Options/Broadcast , I select my xxxx.RND file and all works.

    The only problem that I find, it's that Pippo1 see email address of Pippo2 and all other email destination in received email.

    I can't do that. I don't find solution in help menu, so please tell me haw can i solve this problems.

    Thanks a lot.


    ;Email;Pippo 1;pippo 2




  • Hi,

    please check the settings of your POSTMAN-TLD in DAVID administrator. The settings should look like this:

    If "Email-Rundsendung" ist unchecked, DAVID will send the whole job to the provider and probably your provider is not separating the individual jobs from each other. The result will be one email to all recipients, where everybody can see all other recipients.

    Putting the receiver in BCC as nordtech suggested is probably not what you want, although it would work. You want individual emails with the correct receiver in the To:-field, I suppose.

  • Thanks both for the answers.

    - Nordtech: Thanks, for this possibility solution, but it's not the best for me.

    - wlconsult: I have both "Rundsendung" flag checked (mail and faxes), but doesn't work as you suggest me..

  • Thanks, now I find it, and I do it.

    Now i don't see all the destination emails, real destination too...

    So now, noone destination is showed in received email.... so it's better than before, but not perfect ...

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