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  • , Good Day all, Um es kurz zu machen: Das ist eine sehr lange Geschichte. Wir hatten einen Serverausfall, der noch immer untersucht wird und der in Ordnung sein könnte, sobald HP ein paar Fragen beantwortet hat.

    Allerdings hat er ein Problem mit unserer E-Mail-Sicherung aufgezeigt.

    Ich habe Tobit jetzt zu Hause installiert und versuche, die E-Mails früherer Benutzer aus dem Strongbox wiederherzustellen.

    Einige Benutzer haben die Daten wiederhergestellt, aber viele nicht, und eine Menge der Historie ist noch nicht verfügbar.

    Bei einigen Benutzern kann ich den E-Mail-Header, das Datum usw. sehen, aber der eigentliche Nachrichtentext fehlt.

    Ich habe alle Benutzernummern im Archiv und kann alle Nachrichten sehen, aber wie kann ich sie in Tobit wiederherstellen? wenn

    Die Strongbox reicht nicht aus? Und zu allem Überfluss bin ich ein Schiffbauingenieur und nicht sooo gut in der IT. Im Moment lerne ich nur, indem ich etwas tue.

    example: unten ist für einen Benutzer 10052000

    firstly pls forgive my German ;) above is DeepL translation.

    To cut a very long story short. We had a server failure which is still under investigation and may be ok once HP answer a few questions.

    However it highlighted a problem with our backup of email.

    I have installed Tobit now at home and am trying to restore the emails of past users from the strong box image.

    Some users restored ok, but many not and a lot of history is not yet available.

    On some users I can see the email header, date etc but the actual message text is missing.

    I have in archive all the user Numbers and can see all the messages but how to restore them to Tobit? if

    Strongbox wont do it?

    below is for one user 10052000

  • Please check the archive.dat at \...\david\archive\user\UserID\in\. Are the paths in there okay?

    Give the corresponding users full access to their directory (the relation between User -> User-ID can be found in the david Admin).

    You can also reset the david user trustees: david Admin > (press Alt if necessary) > Tools > Reset user trustees.

    Let me know if there's any problems after that.

  • with Thanks for advice and Sorry for delay, but was out of Office, All advice seems Ok as Im Aware , ( I can build ships but serious IT im a beginner )

    I have a copy of the users Archive from the old Server. and all important mails /users are here in the tobit numbered accounts I presume.

    Since there is now a new Tobit System on a different PC with the old users extracted from a strongbox but some users missing a huge amount of data.

    As example on new PC, Tobit user 10030000 has from Strongbox data backup (above) only 380KB. with almost no emails but

    The old copy I have of file 10030000 ( Below screenshot ) has 58GB and Archive back to 2012. I can even go into the: In\Archive \2012 as example and click the individual mails and read them.


    The: out\Archive\2012 ( 2.4GB) seems to have all packed with only 5 files






    Is there any way to copy all the data from an old Archive file (Below as example ) to the new Tobit system ?


    10030000 user data from old file has all inside as I see

  • When archiving in david, the folders can be "packed" to save storage space. This compresses all contents into the archive.pck.

    If you are missing entire folders in the Client but they are at the file level, you can create a new folder in the Client in the location where the folder should be, <Folder Name>{<Folder Name in Explorer>}.


    User Martin has the "Important" folder beneath his Inbox. At the file level, for example, the folder is named "1".

    If the folder is missing from the Client, but is at the File level, create the folder "Important{1}" beneath the Inbox.

    It is quite complicated to explain to someone who is not familiar with the subject how what works. That would probably be like I would have to build a ship. ;-)

    Here it would probably make sense if someone experienced would have a look at it via remote support. nordtech or stylistics for example.

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