Printing from David, cutting off text near the edge

  • Printing from Tobit from 2 users (used to only be one) results in the text being cut off as it's printing too close to the edge of the page (zero margins from what I can see)

    • Tried multiple printers Including creating a PDF (this creates a PDF with the text right up to the very edge).
    • Does not matter if it's an email or a contact etc, same results.
    • Printing from Word, Excel, internet from this PC does not have this issue, only when printing from Tobit.
    • I've tried reinstalling the David Client - no change.
    • Printing the same email from another PC results in a correctly printed page, margins OK, no text cut off.

    If open the email in edit mode and switch it from HTML to "Plain Text" format it prints OK with the correct border around the edge of the page and no text cut off. So it appears to be an issue printing HTML format but I can't see any DAvid settings about HTML or borders when printing etc ....

    So does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this ?

    Thank you for reading.

  • Hi,

    thats a Problem with the Internet Explorer (The David Clients is using the IE Rendering Engine), start the IE, click one File (if you don't see the Menu Points, press the "Alt" Key once"),
    then Select "Page Setup". Then you'll see that the Values for "Edges" are empty., ore filled with "0" Thats the Problem, use the Value 19,05 (Metrik!) for all Edge Values, click on OK.

    Now the Printing should the fine.

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